There are many theories on how to stay young with an attractive skin. Many have also tried to come up with ways of keeping your skin healthy and not aging. Well, various aspects could go a long way to influence the functionality of the brain. From the foods to activities we engage in, our brain power could be on the decline.

This affects basic areas such as focus, cognition, and memory. Research has shown that lifestyle behaviors such as insomnia, stress, too much alcohol drinking, and unhealthy diets can negatively influence the brain capacity.

What could cause brain power decline

Poor or no exercise

746ure57ytdgfSome people barely have body exercises. Living a sedentary life increases the risk of brain dysfunction. Lack of physical exercise could halt the brain functionality. This is common with old age. Mental sharpness is connected to how actively the body is, physically. The blood flows well and the brain endorphins are stimulated with quality physical activity.

Bad eating habits

Among the many poor lifestyles, poor choices on diets are known to contribute heavily to the brain issues. If you need to live healthy and young, you should eat well. This will improve the brain functionality. Quality diets ensure enough nutrients for the brain. This averts the radicals that induce inflammation thus deteriorating brain function. Poor eating habits cause various types of dementia.

Poor sleeping patterns

Insomnia could come with devastating effects as one ages. Mental issues, responsibilities, stress or physical problems may cause lack of sleep. This could affect the brain leading to poor memory, lacking focus, fatigue and irritability. It is thus necessary for you to sleep adequately lest you risk poor brain function.

Having a lot of stress

In life, stress can present in many forms. It could be caused by varying factors. It is normal to be in stress. However, excessive stress is harmful and may cause mental as well as physical problems. It is advisable that you minimize stress in life to avoid premature skin aging and poor brain functioning. The brain needs to rest and rejuvenate – this is impossible with stress. The cognitive and focus powers are improved with low stress levels.

Feelings of isolation and poor social life

tre5erfth54u6trIsolation is closely related to lack of socialization. With age, most people experience this. Illness or change in social status often cause this. The brain is known to work poorly with such issues.

Consult with a doctor to help you manage the various lifestyle activities so as to improve the brain capacity. Decline in brain function causes premature aging and weakness.